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SKC software problem and summary reporting -     2008-07-23     Arizona Phoenix   12038-KM

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I will summarize problems here for the remediation que

  • a.Resizable Windows - make the windows resizable for multiple instances;
  • b. changing the window title to the device name; i.e. like internet explorer when it shows the page name in its program group in the task bar - at the moment I see multiple instances of "Run Temperature Trajectory" when I would rather see kiln names;
  • c. introducing a "wait" command; i.e. if I want to ramp at 500 to 700 and the kiln runs a bit slow have it wait until it gets to 700 before commencing the next stage - at present I need to guess how long each stage will take;
  • d. either doing away with or fully implementing the extra columns, commands, etc;
  • e. colour coding the window labels - i.e. green for everything working fine; orange for minor problems (i.e. running slow) ; red for major problems - i.e. kiln not responding;
  • f. adding audible error alarms.


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