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SKC Single Kiln Control Software - Common Operator Errors -     2008-07-23     Arizona Phoenix   12038-KM

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Common Operator Errors

Problem reported: After the first firing I cannot seem to get the program to run correctly

User Description: The first firing went beautifully and I successfully started the second firing and when the kiln reached 240 degrees it gave me the following message:

Monitor mode soft off condition, power still applied unsuitable for electrical maintenance, refractory oven set to room temperature, set value communications error, if condition persists shut down kiln via master power

I turned off everything, unplugged and replugged,changed the starting temperature of my profile which would only allow me to do a 2 digit number, so I cooled the kiln to 99 degrees). I even switched the breaker and it still continues to give me the same message. Did I burn out the switch? I mounted it on a plate and kept a fan blowing on it all night.

Remedy: One very common error that occurs when a user starts using this setup is that they forget to reset the time to zero when the start a second batch to cook. Make sure elapsed time=0 in its little window just under the user prompt. You can set it by clicking on the little window and following the prompts or use the drop down menu item that allows you to automatically rename your log file and reset the time all at once. The second method is the best because you start a new file to record the batches temperatures during the run. If you use the first method you end up with one big file. The second runs data will be appended the bottom of the first runs data.

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