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Heat Sinking your Electronic switch -     2008-07-23     Arizona Phoenix   12038-KM
 Heat Sinking your Electronic switch Arizona Phoenix
 Heat Sinking your Electronic switch Arizona Phoenix

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Heat Sink


Heat sinks are essential if you want your power switch to have a long operating life. On the right are some older Pentium II heatsinks adapted to work with an SSR. This is a design adaptation that would work for smaller kilns. It would work with larger kilns with forced air from a fan. However that leaves the setup vulnerable to fan failure. Its better to go with a larger heatsink that works without a fan and if you want you can add a fan and add the the expected lifetime of the SSR part.

  Its important to note that you do not just bolt an SSR down to a heatsink. 
  You should use some heatsink compound to make a good thermal joint between 
  the SSR and the heatsink.

  Recommended Configuration Minimum
  Heat Sink your switch on an aluminum plate 3/8" think and minimum of 6" X 6". 
  Alternately you can use a heatsink with fins if it has adequate mounting area.
  If you use something on the smaller side you can get away with that but only 
  with a fan. However if the fan dies there is trouble.  It is best to err on 
  the side of caution.

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