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JLD634 Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Controller Software Create UpLoad Profiles -     2014-01-11     Arizona Phoenix   12038-KM
 JLD634 Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Controller Software Create UpLoad Profiles Arizona Phoenix
 JLD634 Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Controller Software Create UpLoad Profiles Arizona Phoenix
 JLD634 Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Controller Software Create UpLoad Profiles Arizona Phoenix
 JLD634 Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Controller Software Create UpLoad Profiles Arizona Phoenix

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Applies to:  SET64RS  |  XMT634  |  PT-238 Temperature Controllers  |  JLD634

Original manufacturers model designation = XMT634.  If you click through to their site use your chrome browser so you can translate the Chinese.

If you have ever used the Set64rs or XMT63 temperature controller you know that entering profiles is not a user friendly process.    It requires you enter a long list of numbers by hand.  Weeks later how do you remember which does what?  This software is the solution to that.

Please note that to run this software you must have the serial port option installed in your Set64rs or XMT634 temperature controller. 

If you do not have that option installed you can

Click here for an overview of the installation of this software.

Profile Compile, UpLoad and Manage

Set64rs XMT63 Temperature Profile UpLoader      

This video demonstrates usage of the Profile UpLoader software to:

-1- compile a profile

-2- upload a profile

-3- and manage your profiles

First a tour.

-1- Channel Selection area - this is where you select which controller you are talking with. For purposes of this demo I'm using software channel #1 which is modbus address #1.

-2- Compile Profile - The profile you created with the PROFILE EDITOR is generic and meant to be able to be compiled to run on any temperature controller. Thus you must compile the profile you created before uploading it to your temperature controller. The COMPILED PROFILE area displays the results of the compilation.

-3- The profile log keeps track of WHAT you have uploaded and WHICH controller you have uploaded it to.

-4- The controller memory area remembers what you have uploaded to the controller. Thus you don't have to repeatedly download it over the slow serial link.

-5- The run state area - this displays the current state of the controller.

To upload a new program to your controller select a profile to be compiled by clicking on FILE > OPEN PROFILE

Then pick a place in controller memory that is open so you do not overwrite anything you want to retain. Don't worry too much because the software warns you about any over write condition. Enter the starting address in the START ADDRESS box and click COMPILE PROFILE. This translates your profile into a version usable with the SET64RS controller.

To upload your freshly compiled profile click on on the UPLOAD PROFILE button. Notice how the profile title is automatically added to the profile log. It is then uploaded to the controller memory which you can confirm by looking at the CONTROLLER PROGRAM MEMORY.



Serial Communications Port and ModBus Channel Setup

     Communications with the Set64RS uploader software uses the following communications port settings:  Speed= 9600,  Parity=None, Number Of Data Bits=8,  Number of Stop bits=1.  Make sure that your controllers communication is set to these values before executing the following procedure.

Set64rs XMT63 Temperature controller profile upload software
serial port configuration     Set64rs XMT63 temperature controller software profile upload channel management


Before running the software set your controllers modbus address equal to 1. Then physically connect your temperature controller via its serial adapter cable to your computers serial port.

When you run the Profile Uploader software the first time you will need to configure its serial communications.

There are 2 parts to configuring communications:

  • First you need to select the serial port to be used
  • Second you need to select the controller modbus addresses

To set up the serial port click on the SETUP > COMM PORT menu. This will bring up the comm port setup window. You will be prompted with instructions about how to scan for serial ports on your computer. Clicking on the SCAN PORTS button will:

-1- scan for serial ports installed on your computer

-2- if it finds a serial port it will test to see if there is a controller connected to that port at modbus address #1.

  • If you see the message saying a controller is connected to a particular port number then you know that is the port number to us.

As you can see from the results of my scan:

-1- serial port #1 is detected

-2- a device was detected connected to that serial port

I then dial in the serial port number #1 and click on USE THIS SETTING. This selects the communications port number to use with the software.

Exit out of this window back to the main form.

Next I need to map what controllers are connected to my computer.

To do this click on SETUP > Channel Map.

Click on "SCAN ADDRESSES". This queries the modbus addresses on the communications port we just selected to see which addresses have a controller connected. The results of the scan on my system show that there is a controller on modbus addresses #1 and #3.

The software automatically fills in the table below. While you can edit all the fields shown in the table the only ones you would want to edit are in the NickName column. Give it a name that is descriptive of the device whose temperature you are controlling such as "glass annealing oven".

This completes the hardware setup.



Profile Creation and Editing

Set64rs XMT63 Temperature controller software edit profile   

This video is shows you how to create and edit a temperature profile.

Click on the EDIT PROFILE menu.

I have already used my installation so the software has remember the last profile that I edited. Since you are starting from scratch you will need to do as follows:

Click on FILE > OPEN PROFILE and then select Mold-Drying-Profile.txt . The software then displays the profile parameters in the USER PROMPT area, a graph of the profile and a spreadsheet with all the numbers in the profile. By using this profile as a starting point you will be able to modify and run whatever you want.


Running a Profile



Select the profile you want to run by clicking on the row in the profile log in which it is listed. It will be highlighted and the corresponding profile in CONTROLLER MEMORY will be highlighted. Then click on SELECT PROFILE. Click OK when you are warned that the high and low program pointers will be changed.

Click on start profile. At this point you will be prompted to enter the 8888 passcode using the front panel of your set64rs controller. The programmers of the firmware in this controller goofed. They did not provide a way to start a profile remotely using a computer. Instructions will pop up in the user prompt area to tell you how to do this. After you have punched in 8888 and clicked OK the controller will commence sequencing through your profile.

If you want to at this point you can click on the monitor and the RUN STATE will be updated every 15 seconds.


How to wire up your Set64rs, XMT634,Pt238


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